What is the purpose of this website

I am creating this website as there is currently no consolidated repository of the information currently coming out regarding the pedophilia ring(s) amongst the world’s elites. There is some information on /pol/ and reddit and youtube and many others so I wanted to consolidate that information in one location for easy sharing purposes for normies.

I have no interest in any monitization or selling, this website is strictly for the purposes of weaponizing my autism but if you insist, please consider my asking price to be: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


4 thoughts on “What is the purpose of this website”

  1. They won’t let me post this on reddit,
    “luzzatto@aol.com” Belongs to one Tamera Luzzatto, influential lobbyist and deliverer of children to pool parties for entertainment.

    So far I’ve looked through 5 or so,

    *https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/36852 :

    “I can report that Chef John is cooking away to raise a different >kind of dough for our next president!” Strange to say the least.


    “a unique alignment of Jupiter and Venus, tied to a legend that >the formation was the Star Of Bethlehem. Nice when those >planets align, huh? And they will and must next November for >Her and for Senator Leahy” (Star of Bethelem was originally a Pagan symbol)


    After 10 hours of surgery to transplant both a new heart (#2) >and kidney, followed by 24 hours of induced deep sleep, she >woke up, smiled weekly and said, “I made it.” How does one get so many transplants? (only one of which seems to be mentioned publicly)

    *https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/13146 Fundraiser with food courtesy of JDP, 49 people were attending which the sender found “off”. Note that there is one bartender and one server hired for a fundraiser that 49 people are slated to attend (one of which being Tamera Luzzatto).

    I think this women and possibly her husband (SEARCH “FARMER LEITER”!!) are most definitely involved if there is anything to these pedophilia/occult allegations.

  2. Rachel Chandler = Top-level (C)hild (Handler)

    Before you look through her tumblr, do not think of her as a travelling professional photographer. She is a handler for trafficked humans, mostly children. While most of the people pictured are not A-listers, there were images of her with such names as Eminem, Kanye West, and Bill Clinton. In those images she appears to be no more than 16.


    Since /pol/ began digging on her, she made her IG account private after autists began asking if she knew Epstein.

    Among some of the more implicating images from her IG account, was one where she was pictured with a bag over her head, polaroid film in the background among various liquor bottles, and a pizza box from Comet Pizza.

    There really should be a section dedicated to her with those images.

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