Spirit Cooking

Tom’s note: The first section was the initial The_Donald post from November 4th titled: [WARNING: GRAPHIC] I don’t think you guys appreciate the trauma /pol/ is going through tracking down the absolutely off-the-deep-end shit podesta is into. Here’s a small taste.



  1. Here’s an Email between Tony Podesta and Marina Abramovic https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/15893 In it, they invite Podesta to a “Spirit Cooking” dinner that’s happening at Tony’s house.
  2. Looking up the woman, gets you her webpage and a graphical book she created about “Spirit Cooking” and what rituals it involves. http://www.editionjs.com/img/abramovic/
  3. And a youtube link on what “Spirit Cooking” actually is, by Marina Abramovic.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EsJLNGVJ7E

And in three links you’re now traumatized. Realizing what they actually invited podesta to

Screencaps of Video (For anyone who wants only a peek)




(If the originals above vanish)

Wikileaks Email


“Spirit Cooking” Guidebook


“Spirit Cooking” Video


https://strues.io/crooked/spirit_cooking.mp4 (Thanks to ItsSoop for the rehost)


Tom’s note: The above concludes the OP and the following is significant comments:


TX_RedTX 762 points

(0 . 0) ….holy shiiiiit ….They really aren’t talking about food in these emails are they….fuuuuuck me.


CantContheDonMAGA 373 points

This sure as fuck isn’t a ‘dinner’.


 RimJobinson 189 points

MARINA WAS ABUSED AS A CHILD. (not actively looked for sauce but I’m sure you’ll find one)

Ricky_DikaUSA 139 points

You’re right on target.


As a child, Abramović’s mother beat her. In an interview published in 1998, Abramović described how her “mother took complete military-style control of me and my brother. I was not allowed to leave the house after 10 o’clock at night till I was 29 years old. … [A]ll the performances in Yugoslavia I did before 10 o’clock in the evening because I had to be home then. It’s completely insane, but all of my cutting myself, whipping myself, burning myself, almost losing my life in the firestar, everything was done before 10 in the evening.”

In an interview published in 2013, Abramović said, “My mother and father had a terrible marriage.” Describing an incident when her father smashed 12 champagne glasses and left the house, she said, “It was the most horrible moment of my childhood.”

MugabashugaMD 159 points

This is absolutely sickening. Centipedes, spend the time and research Alex Jones’ story about the Bohemian Grove, a lavish party every summer for 2 weeks in California. Only the very elite are allowed to join, involves mock (maybe real) child sacrifice (Cremation of Care) and other disgusting shit. All kinds of world leaders come to this massive gathering, surrounded by heavy security. I always thought Alex Jones was a nutjob but this changed it for me. He managed to get in and record the ceremonies. There is some weird occult and demonic shit going on.

Cremation of care is near the end, the writings inside her book are of the same demonic nature as what the cult priests are saying



IiverpooIFC33 points

Robert Anthony Podesta is listed on the 2008 Bohemian Grove guest list. Is this Tony Podesta?

Then there is Hillary saying: “Minerva agrees

Why is Clinton being asked about violating the ‘violating the owl/minerva rule”?

And who can forget:

“With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch . . ”


Anyway back to Minerva (the owl). Where else has the owl appeared? Bohemian Grove where they carry out (apparently mock) child sacrifices.

Bill Clinton asked about Bohemian Club

Where else?

Well Little St James Island – where Epstein and his pedo friends fly to on the Lolita Express.

What do we see on that island? What appears to be a fucking temple with an owl on it.

Video of the temple


The above concludes the significant comments, while the very last one wasn’t serious, I thought that PluresMentis proclaim that he is gonna lose his asshole was a refreshing breath of levity so I wanted to include it.

New information will be posted below as discovered.



http://www.axiomimages.com/aerial-stock-footage/view/AX102_250 Occult Temple w/ Owl statues on Epstein’s Rape Island

https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/5680 “Owl/Minerva” Rule

https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/14333 Reference to Moloch

https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/11933 Reference to Bohemian Grove, where giant owl statue identified as Moloch is worshipped


Tom’s note: A picture of Podesta’s campaign office. Please note the picture of the wall to the left:




Clear evidence of Podesta’s involvement in these rituals including self cutting.






Hillary believes that she can communicate with the dead.

Eleanor died in 62 while Hillary  was born in 47. They would have never communicated while Eleanor was alive.


According to Marina Abramovic’s own admission, when occult rituals are done in private, it is no longer art. Look at the archives of her Reddit AMA:



Clinton promoting Marina Abramovic’s ‘art’.



Balkan Erotic – Art by Marina Abramovic

Summary of video:

Artist rubbing her tits

Dude jacking off in the rain

Cartoon of woman shoving a live fish into her vagina, letting it die, then grinding it up & putting it into her husband’s coffee.

Bunch of girls rubbing their tits

Dude fucking a hole in the ground to make the crops grow

Bunch of dudes fucking holes in the ground

Cartoon of woman rubbing pussy juice on a child’s face for protection

Bunch of women running around showing their pussies

Cartoon of a guy fucking a hole in a bridge

Dudes with boners going limp

Naked woman whacking a skull against her stomach


The problem of increasing human energy




Jay-Z at a campaign event with Marina

“In 2010, Abramović sat passively across from strangers and celebrities at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), staring into their eyes in a piece titled The Artist Is Present. It was turned into a documentary and also controversially adapted into a music video by the rapper Jay-Z.”



Misc. Tweets






Donator: Anthony (Tony) Podesta


Dust cover



Tom’s general hypothesis:

To be clear, this is not real literal satan worship, rather it is likely that such theatrics could be used to traumatize their victims as well as discredit their statements. The police seem to believe that Anthony Weiner is a pervert, there are some really odd emails in Podesta’s possession and that family is really into this meanless theatrics. The question is why bother? You have millions of dollars so you want to throw blood around a room and wail? Come on now.

Compare these two victim statements:

  1. That man took me into an empty room and raped me on a bed.
  2. That man wearing a goat head mask took me to a black room lite only with candles and raped me on an alter in front of a giant pentagram surrounded by chanting and screaming and then finally made me drink blood from a goblet.

Clearly the second statement sounds completely nuts and far far easier to discredit, which is why the McMaster case completely fell apart despite physical evidence and hundreds of victims.